What is a car service?

If you’re not mechanically minded or even inclined, understanding what a car service actually includes or entails can be difficult.

However, it is important to know why getting a service is important and what is happening to your car when it does get a service so you can be assured it is safe and in working order.

Services come under many names and each mechanic may include different items within each service they provide. However, the key components of a service are:

1. Oil Change An oil change consists of removing the old oil from a vehicle's engine and replacing it with new, fresh oil. This is important because your cars engine has many moving parts and as these parts move against each other, the force of friction creates heat. Oil lubricates the engine and absorbs the heat, allowing the internal parts to work together effectively without overheating. Over time, engine oil breaks down and wears out. When it does, it becomes less effective at lubricating the engine and absorbing heat. Therefore, changing the oil in your car as part of regular routine maintenance is vital.

2. Oil Filter Change The oil filter helps remove contaminants from your car’s engine oil that can accumulate over time as the oil keeps your engine clean. If the oil is left unfiltered it will become filled with tiny particles that will wear the surfaces in your engine. It is important to protect your engine with a new oil filter every time your oil is changed.

3. Reports & Checks Possibly the most important part of a car service are the checks and reports. Having a qualified and competent mechanic look over your car is vital to the service. A mechanic should be looking at the fluids and oils as well as all the mechanical components and make sure they are in working order. Being able to report back to the customer about where maintenance and repairs are required is where the value of a service is. Cars are heavy machinery and require attention and maintenance in order to stay in top functional and safe condition.

Regularly servicing your car can make the difference between it running smoothly and reduce the risk of it breaking down or incurring an expensive and unexpected repair. The service schedule for your vehicle will depend on the manufacturer but it is recommended to do a service and change the oil and oil filter in your car every 5000km or 6 months.


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