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The ECU or Electronic Control Unit is essentially the computer for the car you drive. Most modern cars have an ECU.  The "brains" of your car controls a multitude of things including important things like the air-conditioning, air flow for the car, air bags systems, your ABS braking systems, your fuel injection system (petrol distribution) and how your car idles.  If you have issues with your car it is likely that the engine light or warning light will appear on your dashboard.  If the light pops up you can bring your vehicle in to the Motor Hospital, just like an emergency room and we can connect our computer tablet.  We simply connect our scan tool to your 16 pin plug and get our computer to talk to yours.  Sometimes there may be a host of different codes that we find however, this doesn't give us a clear picture of what the actual issue is. 

The next step we take once the fault codes are located we clear them all and then re-scan to see which codes cleared and which ones come back.  Sometimes clearing the codes can fix the issue.  Sometimes the codes bounce straight back into the fault log, this enables us to get a clearer picture of what is actually going on with the car, baring in mind that some fault codes may take a while to come back up once they have been cleared.  After our mechanics have performed the ECU health check, we will manually check the hardware components that the fault log reported. Sometimes the computer can give us false readings especially if you have what we call "layered issues".  There is also a possibility that the ECU itself could be faulty.

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